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I love Stockport. I’m excited not only about what is already happening here, but especially about its potential. I also believe it is important to support local businesses wherever possible.

When I wrote about what it means to be an ethical web design business, I mentioned that I hold meetings in independent cafes and co-working spaces.

So I thought I’d tell you about five excellent cafes in Stockport town centre that I think are great to host meetings.

Tandem Coffee House

In my natural habitat of Tandem Coffee House

47 Lower Hillgate, Stockport SK1 1JQ

Tandem Coffee House is a fantastic independent coffee shop and I’ve been visiting regularly for over three years (their epic cheese and Marmite toasties might have something to do with this!).

It’s got an excellent choice of coffee and tea, and you can even buy tea to take home with you in your own container.

Tandem is newly redecorated with some lovely quirky touches and private booths which help make it a great place for meetings.

The staff are kind and friendly, and the music contributes to the great atmosphere.

It’s no surprise I’ve chosen Tandem Coffee House as the place to host my monthly SEO for Beginners workshops!

Great for: Coffee!

The Kitchen @ Pure Innovations

Temptation on slate (image: Pure Innovations)

Sanderling Building, Bird Hall Lane, Stockport SK3 0RF

Pure Innovations is a charity that helps people with disabilities find work. It attracts groups of different people and has a great atmosphere.

The first thing you notice when you walk in though is the delicious smell of the bread that is freshly baked on site.

There’s always really good music on the radio too!

Great for: Baked goods of all varieties

Laco Cafe & Bistro

Lunch at Laco cafe in Stockport: Get in my face (Photo: Laco Cafe)

32 Little Underbank, Stockport SK1 1JT

Laco is another fantastic independent cafe located on Stockport Underbanks, where their window proudly declares: “We love to make coffee for the town that loves to drink it.”

It’s small and cosy, and you just need to look at their Instagram to get a feel for the amazing food and drink on offer, including delicious cooked breakfasts and lunchtime salads.

My pal Charlotte of Creative Wilderness is also a big fan of their Beetroot Lattes!

Great for: Lunch meetings

Berretto Lounge

Redrock, Bridgefield St, Stockport SK1 1SA

Conveniently located at the new(ish) Redrock complex, this massive space with a friendly atmosphere allows you to find yourself a quiet nook.

They have nice big tables for getting your laptop out, and you will find a nice mix of people socialising and doing work. And on a sunny day you can sit outside!

It’s a big enough place to feel like you’re not hogging a table but also still manages to retain a bit of charm thanks to its offbeat interior.

Great for: Working in a buzzy environment

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Cafelitos @ Stockport Exchange (Photo: Cafelitos)

Railway Rd, Stockport SK1 3SW

Located in Stockport Exchange right next to Stockport train station, Cafelito is great for meetings if people are travelling from different places.

It’s big inside, so there’s lots of space to find yourself a quiet space. Take your pick from a bigger table or a sofa as it’s all light and airy, with chilled background music.

There’s usually a mix of people either socialising or squeezing in a bit of work before they catch their trains.

Great for: If you’re short of time and want to fit in a meeting with someone on the line to Manchester

I hope you try out some of our great local cafes, you might even see me in there – let me know if you do! You can find me on Twitter and on Instagram (where I often post pictures from the cafes listed in this post!).

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