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It occurred to me recently that I’m rapidly closing in on 10 years working in the web design industry.

In the summer I celebrated 3 years of being freelance. In that time my technical knowledge has grown massively and I’ve completed projects I would have never considered myself capable of even a few years ago. Earlier this year I also taught a web design and development module at Salford University.

More importantly, I’ve also built up a trusted team of freelance graphic designers, illustrators and copywriters so the scope of jobs I can take on has grown considerably since setting up the business in 2014.

After reviewing this over the summer I felt it was time to step up the game and redesign my website to reflect the projects I’m capable of working on.

New Professional Branding

Paul Jardine Web Design & Development logo samples

The new Paul Jardine Web Design & Development logo as designed by Greg Whitehead

The new logo and branding was created by Manchester based graphic designer Greg Whitehead. I’ve worked with Greg on many web projects for digital agencies around Manchester over the past few years.

Both his work and his attitude have always been really impressive so he was first choice when it came to rebranding the business in a more professional manner.

As well as designing the logo and new branding, Greg also acted as art director, advising on various graphical improvements throughout the website and I am incredibly happy with the results.

Website Usability Improvements as viewed on a mobile device

On phones the menu is fixed to the bottom right of the screen so it’s easier to reach with your thumb

As well as introducing the new professional branding I’ve also been working on various usability improvements throughout the website to make it easier to navigate.

First of all, the main navigation is now fixed to the top of the browser window on wide screens so it is always accessible wherever you are on the page. On mobile devices, the navigation sticks to the bottom of the screen instead so it can easily be reached with your thumb without stretching.

Likewise, a call to action for the contact page is also fixed to the bottom of the browser window and slides in from the right as you scroll down the page. This should attract the user’s attention without being too intrusive.

After reviewing the website’s Google Analytics data and identifying where users were leaving the site, I’ve also made various amendments such as adding feeds of related content to the end of articles to keep users moving around the site.

Would You Like a New Website?

I’d love to hear what you think of the new branding and website design! Alternatively, if you would like your own new website please feel free to get in touch!

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