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  • Cryptic Quiz Night at Seven Miles Out

    Last week I found myself playing Quiz Master as I hosted the first ever Cryptic Quiz night at Seven Miles Out in Stockport!

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  • New Work: Foodie Friday Website

    I am delighted to have built the Foodie Friday website promoting Stockport’s monthly community event offering street food, craft ales and live music!

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  • The Seven Miles Out Cryptic Quiz

    I am very excited to announce that I will be the Quizmaster at the Seven Miles Out Cryptic Quiz on…

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  • Autumn 2015 Roundup

    Before I go into hibernation with my new X-Box over Christmas, here is a quick update on what I’ve been up to over the closing months of 2015!

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  • Controlling Inline SVGs with CSS

    Embedding an SVG directly into a page allows developers to control it’s content with CSS which opens up a whole new chest of scalable vector goodness.

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  • Presenting at McrFRED

    Last week it was my pleasure to talk at Manchester’s Front-End Developer meet up McrFRED about my adventures working as a freelancer.

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  • Summer Fun and Autumn Adventures

    Autumn is upon us so I decided before diving into my next project I’d take a few minutes to look back over the summer months! Warning: contains pirates!

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  • Setting Up a Filter to Block Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

    How to set up a filter in Google Analytics to prevent pesky spam traffic being recorded and messing up your visitor stats.

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  • Adding a Segment to Google Analytics to Filter Out Spam Traffic From Historical Data

    Learn how to remove spam traffic from historical Google Analytics data by adding a segment view.

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  • Identifying Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

    How to identify Ghost Referrals and Bot Crawlers in your Google Analytics stats so you can remove them and clean up your data.

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