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Setting Up a Filter to Block Spam Traffic in Google Analytics

12th August 2015

How to set up a filter in Google Analytics to prevent pesky spam traffic being recorded and messing up your visitor stats.

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Adding a Segment to Google Analytics to Filter Out Spam Traffic From Historical Data

4th August 2015

Learn how to remove spam traffic from historical Google Analytics data by adding a segment view.

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Even More Website Optimisation Tips

20th July 2015

More handy hints more making your website load even faster, including Icon Fonts, Gzipping and .htaccess!

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Website Optimisation Tips

9th July 2015

Handy tips for making websites load faster using SASS, Javascript minification and Adaptive Images.

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McrFred #15: Speeding up your work flow with Simon Owen

30th June 2014

McrFred is a monthly event and meetup for Manchester’s Front End Developer community. Since the first event in March 2013, organiser Simon Owen has…

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