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GoVida approached PJWD Studio to redesign their website to better present the new features of the employee wellness platform and improve their SEO performance to reach a wider audience.

Chris Tomkinson, Founder of GoVida, has seen a dramatic change in employee wellbeing and the employee experience over the last 18 months.

I’ll let Chris explain more.

Words by Chris Tomkinson
CEO, GoVida Wellbeing

In businesses where people could work from home, average levels of physical activity decreased dramatically – up to 40% compared to pre-lockdown levels.

There were also major challenges around employee engagement, team cohesion, and work/life balance.

As lockdowns were prolonged we saw more impact in the reduced social interactions with increases in mental health issues such as stress, anxiety and eating disorders.

The GoVida website uses a clean and minimalist graphic style designed around the companies existing brand style to clearly present the platform whilst gracefully adding in SEO keywords along the way.

The businesses we were working with and prospective customers were now fully aware of the importance of looking after their people and the questions were now:

  • How can we support our colleagues?
  • How can we take a proactive approach to employee wellbeing?

This is a key USP of the GoVida platform. We achieve market-leading levels of adoption and engagement, and we needed to convey this to our market and prospective customers.

The GoVida website project

As more HR professionals were looking at their wellbeing approach, the design that Paul came up with was of crucial importance. We created a Free Guide to Implementing a Successful Wellbeing Strategy that could be downloaded on a landing page on the site.

Paul also improved our SEO. We started from scratch on a new site and now we rank on the first page for our keyword preferences.

We now get enquiries from all over the world as the importance of employee wellbeing transcends all geographies.

I have really enjoyed working with Paul. He is a rare breed of having both the technical developer expertise and also the creative, marketing mind. Plus he is very conscientious and delivers to deadlines.

Chris Tomkinson, CEO GoVida Wellbeing

After the launch

Feedback to the redesign has been very positive and through the site we attract businesses of all sizes from small SMEs to enterprise clients.

We have had some great personal stories. One that sticks out during the winter lockdown was that a user had been feeling very low. He started using GoVida and it encouraged him to go out walking and he discovered many nature spots local to where he lived that he was unaware of. He found the combination of walking in nature very beneficial.

The GoVida website was designed to promote the suite of wellness tools built into the app, including the mental health Mind Suite.

We have also had HR directors report how launching GoVida into the business has created a huge buzz and had a positive impact on team cohesion as well as colleague wellbeing.

Another aspect we are very proud of his how many clients are combining their CSR strategy with their wellbeing strategy using GoVida this has resulted in thousands of pounds going to charities over the past 12 months.

Results & Insights

  • Rank 1 on Google with featured snippet for chosen primary key phrase
  • 100% increase in search traffic – leading to an increase of enquiries from around the world
  • 2.5 second reduction of page speed – boosting SEO and cutting energy consumption
  • Carbon footprint halved – Saving approximately 200kg CO2 equivalent per year

Next up for GoVida is to be the go-to platform for employee wellbeing and health improvement.

We love our users and customers and seek to revolutionise the employee experience where wellbeing is at the core. We have big new developments coming to the platform soon as well as multilingual functionality.

The web designer Paul Jardine.

PJWD Project Notes

My approach with the design of the GoVida site was to cut back on anything unnecessary.

The first step was to simplify the imagery to a more basic graphic style to better frame the platform screenshots.

The GoVida website also features a wellbeing blog, full of health advice from wellness experts around the world.

I also aimed to reduce the page load time, which not only has SEO benefits but also minimises the environmental impact of the site.

As part of this, I did things like:

  • Remove a lot of the large background photography, replacing it with smaller images. These are “lazy loaded”, so they only show if the reader scrolls down to them.
  • Removed the newsletter signup form from the footer of every page. This was replaced with a call to action that points to a separate landing page.
  • Using SVG and WEBP image formats to reduce file sizes.

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