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Digital Agency Hire

Hello! I am a friendly front-end developer with a background in design based in Stockport. I have 10 years experience working with digital agencies around Manchester and have operated on a freelance basis since 2014.

If you are a digital agency in need of an experienced front-end developer to build your new website please read on to find out more about my skill set and how I work.

Front-end Development Skills


I write clean, semantic and accessible HTML which can easily be read by screen readers and search engines (and other developers!).

CSS (using SASS)

I use modern methods (like CSS Grid and Flexbox) with a wide knowledge of cross browser compatibility fixes for legacy browsers.


I can write custom functions as well as integrate trusted plugin libraries (such as Fancybox 3 and Slick Slider).
I'm also currently learning
Javascript ES6.


For more complex server-side functionality like saving data to the database, triggering emails or generating PDFs.

Wordpress & ACF

I have an extensive knowledge of building lightweight, bespoke Wordpress websites with tailored page editors using Advanced Custom Fields.

Responsive Web Design

I have a solid understanding of Responsive Web Design concepts, mobile device usability and mobile browser quirks.

Page Speed Optimisation

I ensure all websites I build as lightweight and load fast, testing with Google Page Speed Insights and GTMetrix.

Design Flexibility

I can implement your designs from Illustrator, Photoshop or Sketch (using Invision) files.

How I Work

I like to start any prospective project with a face-to-face meeting, reviewing any designs or wireframes and discussing the project specification.

I am then able to submit a formal quote, listing my deliverables, requirements, schedule and price.

I can work either remotely or in-house (location dependent). I find it useful to work closely alongside the project designer for at least a day or two during development.

I will upload the built website to your staging server for testing and content population, completing any amends when required before the live upload.

I charge on a per-project basis, requesting a 50% deposit before starting the build and invoicing the remaining balance upon upload to the staging server (to be paid within 14 calendar days).

Say Hello!

If you would like to chat about your project please send me a message on or fill in the contact form below and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

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