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Once per month, I send out an email newsletter for website owners, small businesses and anyone trying to do good work in the digital world.

You’ll find tips and advice on topics such as:

  • Making your website work harder for you
  • Reducing the environmental impact of your website
  • Protecting your and your customers’ personal data
  • Using digital products in a healthier and more productive way

It is also the only newsletter in the world that has an exclusive column penned by Bo, Stockport’s finest web design hound. He hands out unsolicited advice like I hand out treats on one of our walks.

You can also rest assured that all tracking has been turned off because your privacy should be respected.

The PJWD Newsletter

Get helpful advice on web design, digital privacy and sustainability into your inbox once per month.


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Helpful website advice in your inbox

The monthly PJWD newsletter is full of tips and advice on web design, digital privacy and sustainability (plus dog photos).

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