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Our local independent shops need our support more than ever. Not only do they bring life to our communities at all times, but during 2020 they have shown such grit and determination and inspired all of us.

I’m proud to once again showcase some of my favourites in a bumper edition of my annual Stockport independents Christmas shopping guide.

Many of those featured offer online shopping, free local delivery and shipping across the UK or even the rest of the world.

If you’re in a position to spend money this Christmas, please consider supporting independent shops. And even if you can’t buy from everyone, remember you can still help by sharing their posts, posting a review or recommending them!

Read the Indie Shopping Guide

2-Minute Tips on Instagram

I’ve been thinking about how to use Instagram in a more helpful way and this month I have started sharing some short videos with website tips over on my account. The first two were about:

Which other topics would you like to see me cover? Just reply to this email and I’ll get on it!

On Wednesday 6 January at 1pm I’ll be going live on Instagram with Squarespace Queen Katy Carlisle to chat about all things websites.

Big thanks to Katya at EasyInstaMCR for coaching me how to improve talking to the camera!

Your 2021 online presence

2021 is around the corner, and your thoughts may have already turned to how you will grow and promote your business in the new year.

If you’re looking for advice, my blog is full of website tips including:

If you’d like a professional opinion on how to improve your website I can help! I’m now taking January bookings for power hours and website reviews to help you spot the opportunities for 2021!

And while I can’t take on any website projects in December, we can definitely have a chat now to get those bigger projects booked in for the new year.

Bo’s top tips for building trust on your web shop

Trust needs to be earned. In my case, with treats, walks and belly rubs. When it comes to online shoppers though, trust is earned in a different way.

Here are some of the things you can look at to show you’re a credible business.

If you don’t have a lot of time, start with your key product or the product pages which get the most views. Your objection isn’t perfection, it’s progress!

PS. Next week is my 4th adopt-iversary! To celebrate, Paul will be making a donation to my best pals Dogs 4 Rescue so they can save more dogs like me!


Stockport’s Favourite Web Design Hound

Thank you!

This closing section was originally titled “Closing 2020 remarks” but to be honest I feel incredibly fortunate compared to a lot of people so I’ve decided to spare you that and instead wished to offer some thank yous.

To the people out there doing the proper work who get the claps but not the respect or money they deserve like the nurses, carers, teachers, shop workers and delivery drivers.

To the magnificent small business owners grafting away coming up with new ideas, adapting, innovating and working together and still forging ahead despite great uncertainty.

To all the great businesses and people I’ve worked with (big shoutouts to Karen, Jodie and Greg!), my workshop attendees and of course you for reading these newsletters!

My last working day of the year will be Wednesday 16 December and I’ll be back again on Monday 4 January.

Wishing you all a peaceful Christmas.