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I hope you’re having a great Summer!

I took 2 weeks off in July and feel all the better for it. Honestly, I was a little worried about being away from PJWD headquarters for that long, but can confirm the world did not end and I plan to have a summer break every year going forward.

All the random ideas and plans for PJWD that have been buried in the back of my mind have had chance to float back to the surface, and now I have the energy to crack on with them.

I figure a lot of you might also be taking it easy in August too, so as a change, this month’s newsletter features a round-up of my favourite articles on digital wellbeing, sustainability and privacy.

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this month’s newsletter drop me a message 🙂

Digital Sustainability

It’s not just our physical activities – like driving a car or buying things wrapped in plastic – that have an impact on the environment, but also our online activities. This is a topic I’ve covered a few times on the blog, both inspired by my own learnings and things I advise clients on.

Digital Wellbeing

Out of all the things I write about, the topic of digital wellbeing has really struck a chord with people. At a time when all our devices encourage us to be more reliant on them, I started practising digital minimalism this year. The effects of this have been profound, and I shared my learnings on the blog.

Digital Privacy

There are a couple of sides to digital privacy for me. On one hand, it’s about me taking steps to protect my own privacy, and on the other hand, it’s about making sure my website and newsletter protect the privacy of you, my audience. Here are a few articles I’ve written on the topic.