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Well done everyone on making it through a very difficult year. Seriously, give yourself a massive pat on the back!

Looking back at my own 2021 I’m immensely proud of all the businesses I’ve worked with, from those continuing to adapt to the challenges of the pandemic like Furbellow & Co, to those making the brave decision to start their own business, like Dan Evans Heating.

Others are finding positive solutions to some of the problems of our time, like npd who are continuing to promote sustainable product design and GoVida who are improving workplace wellbeing with their app.

Honestly, I couldn’t wish for a nicer group of people to work with and I am grateful for being able to support your businesses.

In this month’s newsletter, if you’re looking spend less time in front of a screen this Christmas, PJWD’s resident zen master Bo is on hand to offer you some digital detox tips. I’ll also be sharing my book recommendations as well as announcing the winner of the newsletter feedback raffle!

As always, if you have any questions or comments about this month’s newsletter drop me a message. If you have any digital detox tips I’d love to hear from you!

Bo’s tips for taking a digital detox this Christmas

Bo sleeping by a Christmas tree.

Wow! Bumped up to top billing, what a 5th adopt-iversary treat for me!

I’m an expert at clearing out my mind, often going hours without a single thought. If you’d like to switch off over Christmas here are my top tips for taking a digital detox.

  1. Turn off your notifications. If you worry about emergencies, remember you can lock down your phone so it only makes a noise when your very nearest and dearest call you.
  2. Delete social media apps off your phone. If you absolutely must check your socials, use your computer. Don’t save your passwords, so it is that little bit harder accessing your feeds.
  3. Leave your phone in another room overnight and use an actual alarm clock to wake you up.
  4. Get real about your phone usage by downloading an app that tracks how often you pick up/unlock your phone a day.
  5. Unsubscribe from any emails you get sent that doesn’t bring you joy!

Read more digital detox tips on the blog.

Get your SEO sorted in 2022

If you want your website to work harder for you next year, a good place to start is to make sure the right people can find you. There are lots of small but mighty changes you can make to your site now which will give you rewards aplenty in 2022 (unfortunately SEO improvements don’t have an overnight positive impact on your site as Google takes its time to process it all).

My self-paced SEO for Small Businesses course is still available at the early-bird price of £200.

Sign ups will be closed from Thursday 16th December and re-open on Wednesday January 5th when I emerge from festive hibernation.  

P.S. The course could make a great Christmas present for the small business owner in your life (according to Karen’s gift guide).

Thank you for your feedback

Massive thanks to everyone who filled in the PJWD newsletter feedback survey last month to help improve our output next year.

I’ve run the results through the feedback-o-meter and here are the key takeaways:

Congratulations to Dan who wins the £20 Rare Mags voucher. I’ll be in touch shortly with your prize!

PS. If you like to help shape the PJWD newsletter in 2022, the survey is still open (the voucher draw is now closed). Your input is much appreciated!

Elsewhere on my bookshelf

Digital Minimalism book by Cal Newport.

Still looking for a pressie for the business owner in your life (or yourself)? Here are 3 fantastic books added to the PJWD library this year.

Please support your independent businesses, Bezos has enough money!

Merry Christmas!

As always, thank you for reading. I would also like to thank PJWD studio collaborators Karen, Becky, Charlotte and Greg for all your help and hard work this year.

I wish you all a peaceful Christmas and a healthy 2022.