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Website analytics can be a very useful marketing tool, but many people find the onslaught of data intimidating.

Not only can it feel easier to stick your head in the sand when it comes to data, but intrusive scripts that track people’s behaviour on your site may also feel icky.

The good news is that you don’t need to look at every single metric to get an idea of how people use your site. There are also more ethical alternatives to traditional analytics software which may feel nicer to use.

I cover all of this in my most recent blog about understanding your website analytics.

If you really want to supercharge your website’s performance, one way to do that is to consider starting a blog so also this month I’ve shared my blogging tips for businesses.

Is there a particular part of your website analytics that makes your head spin? As always, if you have any questions or comments about this month’s newsletter please drop me a message.

SEO course: Page speed & SEO lesson now live!

The SEO for Small Business video course as seen on a laptop.

I’ve now added a new lesson on page speed to my SEO training course. Lesson 6 is all about how your website’s page speed affects SEO (and much else besides!) and features loads of tips to speed up your website.

Early birds can access this now alongside the first 5 lessons. Once the final 2 lessons have been added, the price for the course will increase to £300, so if you’re thinking of jumping on board, now may be a good time!

Watch the SEO course introduction video

Bo’s top tips for ditching the doom scrolling

Bo the web design hound sleeping in his bed.

Being a dog and therefore not having opposable thumbs stops me from doom scrolling. This means that I’m generally a very happy boy, and I want that for you too. Don’t worry, I won’t tell you to get rid of your thumbs. But here are a few other things you might want to try to reduce your exposure to bad news online.

Check out more digital wellbeing tips over on the PJWD blog.

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Ethical Marketing in a global crisis

Is it ethical to do marketing whilst terrible things are  happening in the world? Marketing expert Karen Webber of Goodness Marketing shares her thoughts on whether it’s OK to ‘carry on as normal’ during a global tragedy.

Below radar 

Below radar is a community for business owners and freelancers who don’t want to rely on Facebook, Google or marketing techniques that fuel surveillance capitalism.

Happy birthday Furbellow & Co!

Gentlemen’s store Furbellow & Co turned 4 this month and are celebrating by having a sale (with free postage) on a great range of clothing and grooming products.