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If you’re one of the many people who use Google Analytics to monitor your website’s page views you will have recently received several emails asking you to “Take action on your Google Analytics account” as it’s long-standing Universal Analytics tracker retires on July 1st.

Users are being urged to upgrade to the new Google Analytics 4 before the old script stops working at the end of June.

Long time readers may remember I no longer recommend using Google Analytics due to the vast amounts of personal data it hoovers up whenever someone views a site with it on.

So if you are mulling over upgrading to GA4 now could be a good opportunity to look for a new analytics solution.

I’ve personally been using Fathom Analytics, a privacy-focussed alternative to GA that measures page views without tracking personal data, for several years now and not looked back. You can learn more in my article Fathom vs Google Analytics.

You can also find plenty of other analytics options over on the Below Radar website.

Either way, whether you’re upgrading or switching, don’t forget to do it before July 1st!

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