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I’ll work closely with you to design a website that is unique to your business and created specifically to achieve your goals.

I’ll then build your website from scratch using the popular WordPress Content Management System. You’ll be able to easily update and manage your own website content, whether it’s a simple blog, online shop, or a complex events management system – or anything in-between!

Your website will be custom built to load as fast as possible using clean code that can easily be read by search engines and screen readers. This gives you a distinct advantage over pre-built generic WordPress themes that are typically bloated with messy code and unnecessary files which slow down your website.

Why work with me?

Is unique to you and designed specifically to achieve your goals

Looks great on phones, tablets and wider screens

Loads fast and is search engine friendly because it is professionally coded

Can be updated easily via the Wordpress admin area

What my clients say...

The results of our new website have been amazing. Business enquiries, sales, and footfall to the shop have massively increased. We are so busy that I haven’t had time to make it to one of his SEO workshops! If you are in two minds about whether to take the plunge with a new website, don’t think twice about speaking to Paul.

Wesley Gordon, AC Computer Warehouse

My design process

1. Scoping

We meet in person or via Skype for an initial consultancy session to chat about your business and how your new website can help achieve your short and long-term goals.

After this I will send you a proposal outlining the deliverables, requirements, schedule and payment terms. This is our product specification.

2. Wireframing

I create unbranded layouts to establish how the website will be structured and where each piece of content will go.

I’ll explain the overall site layout to you and show how my designs will help your customers to easily complete their tasks as well as improving your chances of showing up on search engines.

3. Full Designs

Next, the wireframes will then be worked up into full web designs by applying your existing branding.

If needed, I’ll work alongside a specialist graphic designer to create your new brand guidelines.

4. Website Build

Once the designs are approved, I’ll build your functioning website. A development server will be set up for testing and for you to add content before the new live site is launched.

I’ll give you personal training to make sure you know how to use the admin area of your site.

Post Launch and Maintenance

To help you get the most from your website after it’s launched, I also offer additional Website Maintenance services as well as training workshops.

Schedule & Pricing

Good web design takes time, and I do things properly. I work with care and attention to ensure your investment delivers a high-quality website that benefits your business.

Standard Project Time Price
6 – 8 weeks From £3000

If you have a fixed budget, I’ll be happy to advise what we can achieve together within it.

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