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Get the most out of your website by understanding how it’s used and making improvements based on real data.

By studying your website analytics software, I will measure your website traffic, advise you how best to market your business and where to make intelligent changes to your website on an ongoing basis.

Find out useful information such as:

  • Which pages get the most traffic (and where to focus your Calls to Action)
  • Identify where people are leaving your website (so you can make improvements that keep them with you for longer)
  • How people are finding your website (to see how effective your marketing strategies are)

How can this help your business?

Continuously improve your site through deeper understanding of how people use it.

Market your website more effectively based on your website's usage data.

Get a better understanding with a clear, easy-to-read report.

Spend your time and energy more productively!

What my clients say...

I can honestly say I’ve never met anyone that’s made this stuff so accessible and easy to understand.

Sarah Green, founder of Another Architecture + Interiors in Stockport

Book a website data study

My website analytics analysis service includes studying the data and creating the report.

Deliverable Price
Analytics analysis report From £150

After the report has been delivered, you can book half-day blocks at £150 each for me to implement any of my recommendations.

Want to get the most from your website?

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