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Stockport Old Town Website

Wordpress/Advanced Custom Fields Development

Stockport Old Town is home to a fantastic collection of independent businesses and award winning restaurants, as well as the legendary community hub Seven Miles Out!

The new Stockport Old Town website showcases the best places to eat, drink and shop independently in the area.

I’m incredibly proud to have been involved in this project. The website promotes a great part of Stockport and provides an attractive digital offering for the smaller businesses or startups in the area that do not currently have their own website.

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Website Features

Each location has it’s own profile including a photo gallery, location map and contact information, all of which can easily be updated via the WordPress content management system.

The website also lists any upcoming events happening in the area including the amazing Stockport Foodie Friday, The Vintage Village and the seasonal Fringe Festivals. Events can either stand alone or be tagged to a location in order to pull through the related contact information from the database.

The website was designed by Joe Barratt, who I have worked together with on several projects including websites for  The Teenage Market and the aforementioned Foodie Friday.

Website Optimisation

In my role as front-end developer it was my job to adapt the supplied full width designs for smaller screens and implement improved usability and performance on mobile devices (which accounts for roughly 60% of all traffic to the website as of February 2018).

By using many website optimisation techniques throughout the build I achieved a score of 94% for mobile optimisation on the Google Pagespeed test. This means the website loads fast on phones and also boosts it’s performance on search engines.

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