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The Teenage Market is a free platform encouraging young people to start their own business and showcase their creative talents whilst supporting their local markets.

Since being launched by brothers Joe and Tom Barratt in Stockport in 2012, The Teenage Market has hosted over 120 events in 29 towns around the UK and now has over 1000 users registered.

I have worked with Joe on several project based in Stockport Old Town including website for Stockport Foodie Friday and Screen Stockport Independent Film Festival. Having spent much of the winter months working on a modern redesign, Joe brought me on board to develop his new designs into a fully functioning website, in particularly improving how the site works on mobile phones.

Paul not only managed to achieve all of our intended aims and objectives on time but also provided us with more support, advice and guidance than we could ever have asked for.

He is a professional, highly-talented web developer who has a unique talent for simplifying the most complex of tasks. I would not hesitate to recommend Paul to any client in order to fulfill their web development needs.

Joe Barratt, Teenage Market Co-founder

How It Works

Town organisers create a profile on the website and can create Teenage Market events. Local traders and performers can then sign up to claim a pitch. This notifies the organiser and who can choose to accept or reject the applicant.

Traders and performers can customise their own page including added a profile and banner photo, video, photo gallery and their social media links. Profiles also display any upcoming and past events the trader has attended.

Automated Email System

The website also features an automated email system using Mandrill which notifies traders and performers when a new event has been created in their region, informs organisers when someone has applied for their event and sends reminders when the event is approaching.

Organisers can also send messages to traders and performers who have signed up to attend their event.

Page Builder

I crafted a powerful page building system using Advanced Custom Fields’s flexible content layouts allowing Joe to easily create complex page layouts himself which load fast and have minimal code.

I am immensely proud to be a part of this project and I’m very excited to see it up live and being used in such a positive way.

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